Role Models

Life Skills Lesson - Role Models

In this lesson, students think about the skills, traits and qualities of role models and how they can learn from them.

This lesson involves class discussion and individual activities using the accompanying PowerPoint presentation and student worksheets. Students are encouraged to think about their own inspirations as the plenary exercise.


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Life Skills – Role Models

Role models can be an important source of guidance in life skills. In this lesson, students explore how they can learn from them.

Here is an extract from this lesson:

Connect the learning

Link this lesson to the previous two lessons on Positive Thinking and Affirmations.

Learning outcomes

Students learn to define what a role model is
Students identify their own role models
Students learn how role models can be used to help their everyday life choices.

The big picture

In this module of Life Skills activities, students are learning about ways of training the brain to think positively and achieve better outcomes in their lives. Role models are an important way of doing this.


Show slides 2 and 3 of PowerPoint presentation. What is a role model? Who can be a role model? Take some feedback from the students before clicking through the answers on the slides