KS4 - Depression - 4 PSHE Lessons

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Depression - PSHE lessons for key stage 4

Introduce the concept of depression and how to recognise the symptoms and support others.

Depression among young people is a growing concern, but remains a much misunderstood illness.

In this series of 4 PSHE lessons, students will become more aware of the concept of depression, the different types of depression, recognising symptoms and seeking help.

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The Concept of Depression - PSHE lesson for KS4

The Concept of Depression

This lesson is the first in a series of four, highlighting the pressures upon young people that may lead to ill health.

The Symptoms of Depression - PSHE lesson for KS4

The Symptoms of Depression

Having identified different types of depression, students now look more closely at the symptoms.

Supportive Behaviour - PSHE lesson for KS4

Supportive Behaviour

Now that students can recognise depression, this lesson will look at developing their skills to empathise and support others.

Information Available on Depression - PSHE lesson for KS4

Information Available on Depression

Having completed the first three lessons in this module, students conclude the topic by creating information leaflets for others.

Depression Lesson Plans for PSHE, Key Stage 4

Some students may be struggling to cope with the pressures academic life, family life, relationships etc and for some, this may lead to depression. In this series of 4 lessons, students will learn that depression is an illness and is more that the feeling of being 'fed up'.

Lesson 1 – The Concept of Depression

In the initial activity, the current level of understanding on the subject is explored and some potential mis-information about depression is addressed. Students go on to learn more about different types of depression and who may be affected by each. Students also begin to explore the social, mental and physical aspects of depression.

Lesson 2 – The Symptoms of Depression

Broken down into 3 activities, this lessons encourages individual, group and class work to learn more about recognising the symptoms of depression. Students will build a profile of someone with depression for use in the following lesson.

Lesson 3 – Supportive Behaviour

Students will develop a greater empathy for the type of supportive behaviour that depressed young people can benefit from. Using case studies, paired, group and class input, students complete their own list of supportive and non-supportive behaviours.

Lesson 4 – Information Available on Depression

In this final session, students will be required to research the information available to young people about help, followed by compiling their own information leaflet/display for others to use.

Here is a YouTube clip to display actions and behaviours towards depression: