PSHE lesson plans and activities for personal and economic well-being

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PSHE lesson plans, worksheets and activities

Engaging teaching resources covering topics relating to drugs, alcohol, relationships and other personal issues.

Here you will find a range of teaching resources for PSHE key stage 3 and 4 that have been created in consultation with ASTs.

Simply download and print the ready-to-use PSHE lesson plans, student activities and worksheets and you are ready for the classroom.

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KS4 SRE Resources

New - KS4 - SRE - 4 Lessons

Young people are increasingly turning to the internet and social media for sources of information about a huge range of topics. However, this can have damaging effects when it is used for information about SRE.

Lesson 1 of Financial Capability PSHE

KS4 Financial Capability

A series of financial capability lessons for key stage 4, including worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. Further lessons coming soon.

Critical consumers teaching plans for PSHE

KS3 - Critical consumers - 4 lessons

A module about making more informed purchasing decisions, understanding how advertising works, the local and global implications of what we buy.

Preview of Lesson 1 - Diversity

KS3 - Diversity - 4 lessons

This module contains 4 PSHE lessons on the topic of diversity.

Prejudice activities for PSHE

KS3 - Prejudice - 4 lessons

Recognising and challenging prejudice. Introduce case studies giving examples of prejudice and make pupils aware of how and where prejudice presents itself.

Preview of Lesson 1

KS3&4 - Revision - 4 Lessons

Preparation is the key to successful revision and as a teacher you need to prepare your students to achieve exam success. To help you accomplish this we have developed a number of revision lesson plans to engage your students.

What is the point assembly plan for secondary schools

KS3 - 4 - What's the point? - Assembly plan

KS3-4 - What's the point? - Assembly plan. Explain to pupils why PSHE is important with regards to their future.

Alcohol lesson plans and teaching resourvces for PSHE.

KS4 - Alcohol Lesson Plans - 6 Lessons

It is important to teach students about the effects of alcohol – however, for a teacher the subject can be a tricky topic to teach. That is why we have developed six comprehensive lesson plans that focus on key alcohol-related topics.

Cannabis pshe lessons.

KS4 - Cannabis and Mental Health - 4 Lessons

Delivering drugs education is a challenging area for teachers and a fluid lesson plan is required to ensure that all the key topics are raised and discussed openly with students.

Depression - PSHE lessons for key stage 4

KS4 - Depression - 4 PSHE Lessons

Introduce the concept of depression and how to recognise the symptoms and support others.

PSHE Lesson and form time activity.

KS4 - Drugs - 3 form time activities

Mini-modules are devised by teachers and are designed to fill 20 minutes of teaching time. Ideal for lesson fillers, form periods or tutor time.

Pshe pregnancy among teenagers lesson plans and worksheets.

KS4 - Teenage Pregnancy - 4 PSHE lessons

To raise awareness and target issues surrounding and regarding teenage pregnancy in the UK.

Healthy eating activities for PSHE.

KS4 - Healthy Eating - 4 Lessons

It is important to teach students about the importance of healthy eating as maintaining a balanced diet is the key to good health.

Life Skills - 4 lessons for PSHE and Citizenship

KS4 - Life Skills - 4 lessons

This series of 4 life skills lessons cover, positive mindset, affirmations, role models and confidence building.

Relationships, PSHE teaching resources.

KS4 - Relationships - 4 PSHE lessons

This module focuses on relationships of all different sorts, and on the emotion of love itself.

PSHE and the Curriculum

As a non-statutory curriculum requirement, it can often be difficult to find space in the school timetable to teach PSHE (or PHSE). With subjects spanning personal well-being (or emotional well-being) and economic well-being, there are a range of topics to deliver, making it a challenge when time is at a premium. There are some useful suggestions about planning PSHE lessons at the PSHE Association website.

PSHE Teaching Resources

At you will find PSHE lesson plans that encourage your students to explore their own attitudes and those of others, as well as give them information about the social implications of their actions. With over 20 hours of PSHE teaching resources including student worksheets, activities, demonstrations and plenary activities, the lessons and resources for teachers are designed to engage students with varying learning styles and abilities.

PSHE Lesson Plans, Student Activities and Assessment

The PSHE lesson plans available at can be used in short form time or tutor time periods through to fully timetabled lessons or even enrichment days. Topics covered include relationships, health & safety, diversity, prejudice, critical consumers, financial capability, alcohol, cannabis & mental health, healthy eating, teenage pregnancy and drugs.

These resources are ideal for:

• Teachers with responsibility for the implementation, co-ordination or delivery of PSHE.
• Schools seeking to develop PSHE and elements of the Citizenship curriculum to meet Ofsted criteria.
• PSHE teams looking to update their materials and build upon existing good practice.
• Pastoral staff who are seeking to develop teaching and learning strategies within the classroom.
• Enrichment day co-ordinators who are looking for an exciting resource that will meet Healthy Schools objectives.

Cross Curricular – Work-Related Learning and Careers

As well as activities for PSHE, the economic well-being programme of study brings together careers education, work-related learning, enterprise and financial capability. Visit the careers, work-related learning or enterprise sections to see the full range of teaching resources including assembly ideas, worksheets and activities for KS3 and KS4.

Vocational Qualifications

PSHE lessons can be used to support Key Skills and Workplace Core Skills - Personal and Social Development from City & Guilds. These lessons are also suitable for use with Skills Towards Enabling Progression "Step Up" - Drug and Alcohol Misuse Awareness from NOCN.