What is Your Learning Style?

What is your learning style form time revision activity.

A fun quiz to establish learning style preferences.


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Relevant SEAL outcomes

Self awareness:

3: I can identify my current limitations and overcome them…

Topic Aims

Taken from the relevant programmes of study for KS4:

1.1 Career

b. developing a sense of personal identity for career progression.

2.1 Self-development Students should be able to:

c. assess their needs, interests, values, skills, abilities and attitudes in relation to options in learning, work and enterprise.

Learning Outcomes

Students are able to identify their preferred learning and revision style.


Set the scene and explain the aims of the tutorial.

Explain that students can learn in different ways and can utilise this to revise more effectively for exams.


Ask students to complete the “How do I learn best?” activity.

You could vary the ways of doing this activity by:

  • Using the photocopied activity sheet.

  • Creating an interactive questionnaire using a whiiteboard, learning platform (VLE) or voting pads.

  • Marking sections of the room as A, B, C and getting students to go to the area that represents their answer.

Reveal the answers to the quiz by using slides 14 and 15 of the PowerPoint presentation, or the answer sheet attached.