Risk Assessment

Risk assessment form time activity.

What kind of risks do we take? How can we assess and control risk in our every day lives? This activity encourages students to consider ways of assessing risk.


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Relevant SEAL outcomes

Motivation: Working towards goals

21: I can anticipate and plan to overcome potential obstacles…

Topic Aims

This mini-module contributes to the economic and personal well-being programme of study for KS4:

1.1 Career

a. understanding that everyone has a ‘career’. b. developing a sense of personal identity for career progression. c. understanding the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability.

2.3 Enterprise

Students should be able to:

a. identify the main qualities and skills needed to enter and thrive in the working world.

Learning Outcomes

Students will develop an understanding of risk as an enterprise skill.

Students explore risk management.


Place the bin a good distance away from the students.

Students must choose whether they want to throw a rolled up bit of paper from nearer to win one sweet or further away to win five sweets. The bin must be far enough away so it poses a challenge.

Identify that students have just weighed up the element of risk and reward and this is a key skill that makes someone enterprising.