Certain and Uncertain Events

Certain and uncertain events teaching resource.

Students identify those events which they think have certain and uncertain outcomes. What makes an outcome certain?


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Connect the Learning

Recap on any previous learning on uncertainty or change.

The Big Picture

This is the first lesson in this module on uncertainty. This lesson explores what a certain or uncertain event is.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, students will be able to tell the difference between certain and uncertain events.


Initial whole class discussion - Display the first slide of TRUEntKS4Uncertainty_lesson1

Discuss what they understand about certainty and uncertainty and what type of events they would put under these classifications.

Discuss whether it is possible to influence the outcomes of either type of event.


Group Work

Split into groups of 4/5 to work with two scenarios:

  • One where they feel certain of the outcome

  • One where they know that the outcome would be uncertain.

The groups are to determine the factors that make their scenarios suitable to be classified as a certainty or an uncertainty. They record these as two separate brainstorm charts.