Import and Export

Import and export lesson plan

What products are imported to and from the UK?

By making use of videos, worksheets and class discussions, this teaching resource is engaging and thoughtful, providing teachers with everything they need to deliver a confident lesson. The teaching resources includes an outline of the activities and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.


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Economic Ideas - A Lesson Plan on Import & Export

This lesson plan is the third in a series of four that looks at economic ideas, in particular trade in the UK today. The lesson plan includes a teacher script that outlines the lesson and activities, as well as a PowerPoint presentation to emphasise key points. The topics covered in this lesson can be linked with others in the subjects of Enterprise and Work Related Learning.

The lesson begins with a student activity that introduces the terms ‘import’ and ‘export.’ The PowerPoint presentation is referred to as the history of trading is highlighted, before a map is given out to the students to enable them to visualise and better understand world trade. The teaching resources also include a link to a video clip that reports on the export of whisky from Scotland as an example. This use of multimedia is something that can engage with different types of learners in the class, and a worksheet is also provided that links with the video. The lesson concludes with some facts about Britain’s trade today, and the students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas on the subject.

By incorporating different ways of teaching, and various resources, this lesson plan contains everything needed for a teacher to confidently deliver an engaging lesson. For the other lesson plans in this series, check out the Enterprise or Work Related Learning section on the website.