Time - End of Term Assembly Plan

Time Assembly Plan

Written for use at the end of the summer term, possibly as the last assembly before the end of term.

Time management, and the effective use of time is an important topic whilst at school. This brief assembly idea touches on these topics and reminds students of the importance of using their time well, even during the holidays.

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Time Assembly

This assembly on time is for teachers looking to close the academic year with a reflective topic to encourage students to use their time more wisely. It links to the PSHE and Citizenship programmes of study and includes a teacher script and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

This assembly makes use of different activities to engage the students, incorporating the PowerPoint presentation as it does so. The presentation begins with an anagram to get the students’ brains working, and focussed, and uses the time given to the students to complete the anagram as a route into the subject of time. The assembly resource goes on to consider what has been achieved in the time that the students have been in school, and whether they used that time to good effect to achieve good grades. If that wasn’t the case, the assembly script encourages the students to make up for lost time during the summer holidays, to come back to school re-energised and re-focussed.

The assembly plan makes use of quotes, songs and challenges for the students to fully engage them and aid different kinds of learner. The students will leave the assembly in a reflective (and excited) mood for the summer holiday period.