Welcome Back Assembly Plan

Section of welcome back secondary assembly

One of our most popular assembly plans, guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face in the first week of the new term.

This assembly opens with target setting and focusing on the year ahead. A quick fun quiz will get their attention, just be ready with some prizes to really get the year group onside!

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Welcome Back Assembly

This welcome back assembly resource is for the use of teachers wanting a positive assembly during the first few days back after the summer holidays. The assembly materials include a teacher script and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

The assembly begins with a song, highlighting how happy it is to see everybody back at school. The assembly covers various things, such as the setting of targets and preparing mentally for a tough year of studying. Learning from past mistakes is also encouraged, and different kinds of targets are explained. The different targets are personal, academic and social, and within each of these there are different bits of advice given to students to help them during the forthcoming year. This assembly gets the students brains working with some fun quizzes to welcome them back to school, and the idea of ‘opening doors’ is presented to the students before the end of the assembly.

Providing fun activities and various quotes from some historic people, this assembly is certain to be the welcome back that the students and teachers can both enjoy.