Pressure Groups

A stack of bank notes.

Explore the consequences of solutions to the crunch


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Connect the Learning

This module introduces students to the concept of a “credit crunch” and how it may affect us as individuals, communities and as a nation. Connect it to other learning they may have done in relation to personal finance, business and the world of work.

The Big Picture

Young people have increased access to credit. They need to have an understanding of the wider implications of credit and lending, particularly in relation to changes to the economy.

The Learning Outcomes


  • To understand risk in both positive and negative terms

  • To understand the need to manage risk in financial and career terms

  • To take risks and learn from mistakes

Economic Understanding

  • To develop a better understanding of the economic and business environment

  • To gain a better understanding of the functions and uses of money.


Use the PowerPoint presentation TRUWRLCreditCrunchL41 as an introduction to the idea of pressure groups.