Risk Assessment

Silhouette of a person balancing representing risk.

Taking the concept of health and safety within a more specific context, students consider how health and safety issues should be taken into consideration when planning events.


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Connect the Learning

This is the second lesson of four on health and safety.

The Big Picture

In this session students will understand more about why health and safety in the workplace is important.

The Learning Outcomes

Learn about the way business enterprises operate, working conditions and rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Engage with ideas, challenges and applications from the business world.


Distribute copies of the Health and Safety student information sheet. Ask the students to read the article about the Roskilde festival, followed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) list of issues. Ask them to work in pairs and decide why each of the items on the list could be a health and safety risk at a concert or event.


Explain to the students that every employer, organisation and business has to conduct a risk assessment on their premises, or at a venue, to make sure that they are safe places for their employees and the public to be. Working in pairs, ask the group to conduct a quick risk assessment of the classroom or school building using the following steps outlined by the HSE...